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The Sunday Morning Transport Irregulars, episode 2

With Maurice Broaddus, Margaret Dunlap, and Will Alexander

On Tuesday, August 16, authors Maurice Broaddus (“Itoro fe Queen”), Margaret Dunlap (“What Sleeps at the Heart of Aurora Station”), and Will Alexander (“A Body in Motion”) joined paid subscribers, and SMT Managing Editor Fran Wilde for a wide-ranging and informal discussion about story, the impact of short fiction, revision, where their stories originated, favorite reads, and more.

It was a fantastic addition to our irregularly recurring series of Q&As, and we’re delighted to share the recording with you here, via our archives.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for the next Irregulars — keep an eye on your email for news about when and with whom!

~ Fran

The Sunday Morning Transport
The Sunday Morning Transport
Fran Wilde